Western Cape, South Africa


Join our dynamic team as a Store Person and embark on an exciting opportunity to manage inventory control activities with precision. Your role will encompass material orders, sourcing, issuing, and comprehensive stock control management. This role is a pivotal link in ensuring the seamless flow of materials and services to both internal and external stakeholders while upholding exceptional customer service standards.

Critical Skills


As a Store Person, you'll wield a significant impact on the company's inventory control. Your responsibilities span the spectrum of inventory management, including optimising stock levels, ensuring accuracy in both stock systems and paperwork, and collaborating with purchasing, goods inwards, and dispatch departments to ensure seamless operations. You'll take charge of vehicle check-ins and outs before dispatch, and actively participate in the loading and unloading of deliveries in the storeroom. Proficiency in stock business management software will be a valuable asset as you organize and communicate using software tools. The meticulous upkeep of documentation to facilitate audits is another essential aspect of your role.

Key Responsibilities

The Ideal Candidate:

Drawing from your demonstrable experience in a similar role, you'll bring valuable expertise to the table. Familiarity with stock business management software will provide an advantageous edge. A strong work ethic coupled with a positive, can-do attitude will define your contributions. Possession of a valid driver's license is imperative.

Essential Qualities:

Your motivation and ambition are highly valued, as they drive your dedication to excellence. Punctuality and a sense of pride in your workmanship underscore your commitment. Both the ability to take initiative and work independently, as well as thriving within a team, will set the tone for your success. Effective written and oral communication skills are vital tools in ensuring smooth operations. Your capacity to follow instructions and execute tasks with precision solidifies your role as a cornerstone of our inventory management process.

Additional Notes

Final Note:

As a Store Person, you are entrusted with the vital task of ensuring our inventory control remains a well-oiled machine. While the outlined responsibilities provide a comprehensive overview, you'll also adapt to dynamic tasks as the organization's needs evolve, ultimately contributing to the organization's overarching business objectives. Your dedication and attention to detail will be key in maintaining efficient stock management and fostering a positive relationship with all stakeholders.

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